The Educational Policy Conference (EPC) is about informing, engaging, enabling America to restore truth, morality, rule of law locally in the schools, home, and community and nationally at the federal level. We are bringing together over 28 speakers from across the U.S. at our 29th annual EPC conference, hosted by The Constitutional Coalition, January 25-27, 2018. Our top experts will address legislators, teachers, school board members, parents and members of the community who are committed to the restoration of our country.

“Winning the Second American Civil War … Home, School, Community and Nation” is this year’s focus. The conference is designed to reignite faith, freedom and a sense of national community that will preserve our nation and our individual lives. A few of the many speakers are Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, speaking on “The Anti-Christian War Against America: Using the Bill of Rights to Destroy It”; author Twila Brase, “Winning the Individual Health Decision War”; Dr. Roy Spencer, meteorologist and a principal research scientist at the University of Alabama, presenting “Winning the Climate Change War.”

To learn more about The Constitutional Coalition, please visit our website, or call 636-386-1789.